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Clip to ScrapBook #15

Offhand, I can recall speaking to a principal about a teacher who I "pushed in" with who threw a ridiculous amount of material at my resource kids and also expected me to walk in cold and teach them everything she was having the gen ed kids teach to themselves via technology. She was condescending to me and to them.This was only after mentioning the incident in a personal conversation with a secretary. She knew this teacher was being looked at, and she encouraged the P to reach out to me for my experience.

In your shoes with the strong feelings you had about it, I would have included it in my note to the teacher and dropped it. I'm not looking to make trouble for anyone, and if it wasn't a safety issue, I just would let the people responsible for running the school do their jobs.That is part of the role of substitute teaching: we are there to maintain the status quo while the teacher is out, not fix all the problems and change their procedures.

You will make yourself miserable in this job if you invest this much of yourself in every situation that is different than how you would have done it.

I'm not trying to be harsh, but it has to be exhausting to you and those around you.
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