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specific grade words?
Old 11-08-2018, 08:36 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #2

I know that mrsd5 is not a new poster, but I wonder if this post is not getting any replies because some, at least *I* don't know what ISS or OSS is. I assume it is an elementary thing, but maybe if more of us knew what they mean it would generate more responses. Maybe what the incidents were.

I wondered this a few days ago, and when there weren't any responses today, I thought I would say something.

I know sometimes I say things that some may not know (like IEP - especially if talking to my husband ). Most, all? of us know IEP, but you get my drift.

I know I don't really know what "pull-out, or pull-in," whatever it is, I have to guess what it is and try to get it out of the context.

"busy work," <just kidding!>

"self-contained classroom." (special ed students who do not go to any ge classes)

GE <general ed, I'm thinking of my husband, here>

You get my drift.
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