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How do you know how many unfilled jobs there are? I would like to know this, more out of curiosity than anything.
1. The number of "coverages" and extra duties I have. In some schools/districts the only break I get is lunch and sometimes I'm eating lunch supervising students. Okay kids, it's time for Art and oh, by the way, I'm your Art teacher too!

2. The emails I get from sub agencies begging people to take jobs. These started in September this year, received another one in October, and just got one for the three days leading up to Thanksgiving.

3. The number of jobs I see lingering in Aesop. Jobs that nobody wants (Music, Special Ed) or jobs I don't want (girls Phys Ed, Family and Consumer Science).

4. The number of jobs I see when I am removed from an assignment and placed into another. One recent Friday I ended up teaching 3 math classes at the same time in the auditorium. Okay, left section you do this, center section you do these problems, and right section you do something else. After I was removed from the job I had Jobulator went nuts alerting me to jobs before the school put me in the new assignment, there were 58 unfilled absences in 6 districts.

5. I saw online recently that Pennsylvania has lost 10,000 subs between 2014 and 2017.

6. Sub wages have remained stagnant in many districts, other districts have gone to temp agencies causing subs to quit.

It all adds up to a big sub shortage in my area.
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