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Gotcha! That's what some people at schools do. This is why I have a problem with substitute teaching. Subs are easy to replace, so some regular employees at schools feel they don't have to be respectful towards them. I had a similar situation like yours the other day, but the principal had my back. He knew about this one particularly troublesome student. The entire staff knew about this one student's reputation. So I was lucky in this case. I taught full time for years, when I sub, people assume I am a novice.

Yeah, I once took a class to the library. I reminded the class 3 or 4 times to behave before we went there. As the kids were looking for their books , the librarian flipped her wig and thought they were making too much noise. She was raising her voice and was pretty disrespectful to the students. The students were simply talking quietly and enthusiasticly about their new books They were NOT loud. Plus, it was the very first time I stepped into that library. Anyway, I am sure she told the regular teacher that I had difficulty controlling the students which is a load of b.s. She was wound too tightly. The other day I was in another library with another class at a different school,and this librarian was very nice to me and the students. She let the students talk quietly about their books inside the library. That person who played gotcha! With you says much more about her employee experience than yours. She probably has problems at work often, miserable and now wants to make someone else miserable. And that's you! Some people are sadistic. Find another school and or district to work at.
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