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Clip to ScrapBook #7

The school where I taught second grade had a class with a student like describe. When he was in second grade we would rotate him among the second grade teachers to ensure that no one had to put up with his behaviors for the entire day.

If he was sent to the office he would come back with a Jolly Rancher, ginning from ear to ear. He would also eat breakfast at school. If he couldn't get pancakes he would "throw a fit" which resulted in him being removed by two (or more) adults. One day he came to class with hot cakes and sausage from McDonald's. In order to get him to calm down the principal took him to get breakfast.

Fast forward to 4th grade, the three sections are now two. When his teacher was out the school would get two subs for that class.

As others have said, best to leave this school in your rear-view-mirror.
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