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Clip to ScrapBook #2

I can speak from both the sub and the teacher POV.

When do you have time to leave the teacher notes about your day? Do you stay after the bell rings to write your notes?
I always jotted down notes as I went, and then I stayed after for a bit to finish them if needed.

As a teacher, I prefer not to get a full-on narrative of every moment of the day. I leave a sub notes sheet with space for absent, tardy, and a couple of lines for work completed and behavior. That way I can glance at the right places and get on with my day when i return.

Also, if a lesson plan asks you to seat kids in alphabetical order, do you tell everyone to stand up until you call their name to sit?
I very rarely had a class where a seating chart wasnít left for me. I always leave a seating chart (with pictures) with my sub plans. It is always where the kids are already sitting. Iíd not spring a new arrangement on someone.

If a student gives you trouble more than one or two times, do you tell the student to go to the principal's office or do you call first someone in the office for help?
Depends on what you mean by ďtroubleĒ. Anything serious like fight or other dangerous situation is immediate call for help. General obnoxious or annoying behaviors I handle. I know that we are a PBIS school, so there are steps to follow before a student may be sent out of the room for things besides a major infraction. (Yes, subs are trained in the system.)

Secondly, lesson plans make me nervous. How do you have time to read through everything when you come in 30 minutes before school starts. Do you read only some parts and refer back to it as the class goes on?
Do a quick scan, then refer back as needed. Most leave short & sweet plans. I like to leave a paragraph per class period, and Iíll make a billeted list if needed. If there is something that needs to be explained more, Iíll attach another page. My sub binder is full, but s9meone could read the first page and run class if needed. The rest is just there in case it is needed.
With technology, I am surprised lesson plans are not expected to be emailed or posted online so you have the day before to look at it over to ensure lessons are finished.
The majority of jobs I had were people who were sick, and that wasnít something known far enough ahead of time to get things to someone. Even now, thatís not likely to happen. Plus, our sub coordinator calls people, so there isnít an online system. I will email plans to long-term subs.

Also, if you are expected to teach and you have no knowledge on that subject, what do you do in that situation?
Nobody ever asked me to actually teach a new concept. Sometimes I had to introduce something, but usuallly it was just independent practice or review.
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