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Clip to ScrapBook #5

I can reply to a couple of things, but now I am stressed that the district BY my district that I guess I screwed up in, is now going to ban me as they are in bed together (the first did not ban me, I quit, but it may have been coming). The only way they would know, I think, that was in both districts is that I'm in AESOP and both districts were in there. It seems that I've received less jobs than usual.

Anyway, I try to write notes as I go along. I may have to stay after school a bit, but much. After reading comments in this list, though, last time I didn't write hardly anything - absent students and then "lesson plan as given," or something like that. I'm in high school.

I can't even IMAGINE seating kids in alphabetical order. Another elementary thing, I'm sure. Sounds like a ton of work and time for a sub (or anybody). I've never even heard of it before.

I move a student who is disruptive. I tell them that I don't move students twice. Next time I send them to the office. This hasn't happened much, and when I do, the class is good for the rest of the period. I only call someone to get a student if they refuse to go (which happens more often than you would think). If I send a student I call the office once they leave and tell them to expect the student. If a student won't go, I tell them that if they don't go, I will have someone come get them. Usually they still don't go.

I try to get to school right after the secretary does, unless I have talked to the teacher before. Recently I got there before the crossing guard.

Technology is a pain in the butt. Recently, after trying for some time and asking students for help, I had to CALL THE OFFICE and ask for someone to come and help me get the video going. Earlier, I thought I had it ready to go, but then I couldn't get it to play.

One time I didn't have the password for her computer. I asked two teachers around me, one of them texted her, to no avail. I made up something for them to do, instead.

I don't know how the expect us to know how to do their technology - it is different in every class.

I have, at times, emailed the teacher ahead of time if I needed to. They are always glad that I did this because I have a valid reason.

One time recently the lesson plan on AESOP said "quat," and I didn't know what that was. She didn't reply so I asked the neighbor teacher next door for help the next day and it was supposed to be "quote," because AESOP couldn't do a "quote" symbol

If I don't know the topic, I simply do what is stated, nothing more - which is why I ask to be put in my subject as much as possible.

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