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How we think...
Old 11-10-2018, 01:06 PM
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If I'm not careful, I could write a long reply... I think we can manage stress by deciding how we think about it. A couple of techniques I use...

For me personally, I relabel stress as energy and try to make it a positive. "Thankfully, things aren't the way they should be. That means I have a purpose and work to do."

"Look for the helpers" is one technique I learned to help kids cope during an emergency or traumatic event. It becomes about focus. I don't deny the realities you listed but I try to look at the many other realities.

A third grader confided to me this week that she could only do one activity this year because her Dad said "that's all we can afford." She spoke very matter-of-factly so we had a nice little discussion about how great it was that she could be so focused.

I know there are many broken adults--some who have contributed to the xenophobia and violence. One of the reasons I continue to be passionate about teaching and kids is "It's easier to build strong adults than it is to fix broken adults." I watch for ANY signs that I might be succeeding.

I also take some comfort in the fact that every generation tends to function quite differently than the previous. I think today's kids have some huge opportunities. Another third grader made a rather unsolicited impassioned speech to her classmates last week about how important it is that we work together to protect and save our world. (She considers it her mission to pick up any trash she sees on the floor--a nine-year-old environmentalist who does what she can!)

Lastly, it's important to remember we are not our feelings. For several years now, I've been campaigning on this point. "I am sad," is not allowed. "I feel sad," is okay. It sounds crazy at first. How we speak reflects (and contributes to) how we think. How we think largely determines how we feel.
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