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Clip to ScrapBook #13

My disclaimer is that most of the teachers I sub for are not strangers.

I keep my notes short. My experience has been that teachers don't want (or need) a lot of detail. I usually follow the day's schedule/lesson plan. I think it shows respect for the teacher's time. I'm writing the note for her/him, not to express myself.

I know I'm doing okay when the response to my report is "Sounds like a pretty typical day." (I also assume that no response is good news because it means there were no concerns or questions.)

The exception is exactly that--an exception. It may be positive or negative--a student who went above and beyond... or a classroom incident that may require follow up. The major focus of my note is how the lessons went and I use the pronoun "we" a lot.

For those who write long notes, consider the old saying, "Even a fish wouldn't get into trouble if he kept his mouth shut."

I once kept a student in from recess... when I asked him to tell me why he thought I'd kept him in he actually confessed to a lot of stuff that I hadn't noticed! I managed not to laugh... he wrapped up his confession with "I'm having trouble controlling myself today..." I managed not to say, "Obviously!"
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