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Joined: Sep 2018
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Clip to ScrapBook #17

That's right, they could just put the note in the trash w/o ripping it lol.

This post, along with another one that I can't seem to find (more for the other post that I can't find), have showed me that I would be better off not making my own ideas, etc. known. I write too much, anyway.

To not reply to almost any posts (because they only want agreement).

Maybe only *responding* to others' threads or ideas because I truly feel like I have a lot to give in some circumstances.

To not respond in a way that can be thought of as controversial.

To not let the fishhook get into my mouth b/c my mouth was open <thank you to the other poster.>

I'm not looking for agreement (or non-agreement) so no reply is necessary or sympathy.
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