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Joined: Sep 2018
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Clip to ScrapBook #2

I had something kindof similar. About 15 years ago I was a sub (before I had my teaching job). It was so long ago, and I didn't do it much, that I barely remember it, though I remember it was some high school and some upper elementary (!).

Jump to now. I came to find out that my school (high school) has a certain club that is job-related. My husband does that job! I asked my husband if he would be willing to talk to the club, and surprisingly he said "yes."

(my husband is nervous because he has to speak to a whole 10 students lol)).

What is funny is that my husband asked his friend at work if he would go with him. He said that he was in one of the classes that I subbed for, and his father worked with my husband. He knew that he had to behave because I would tell my husband if he didn't. lol
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