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Joined: Sep 2018
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Flag issue
Old 11-17-2018, 03:59 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #7

When the pledge comes over our speakers, I look for the flag (because I usually don't know where it is), I put my hand over my heart, I say the pledge, I usually am busy looking at the lesson plan or whatever (afterwards, of course), and I don't even KNOW who stands or not, I've honestly never even thought of it. I just assumed everybody did and wouldn't know if anybody didn't, because I wasn't looking to know differently.

Even if somebody didn't, I wouldn't go into that as a sub. I figure they have something going on and all of the regular people, I'm sure, know about it - not my battle.

Before I get reamed, here, I wear a flag necklace to work regularly, I have flag shirts, stickers, buttons, I say "thank you for your service," when I see veterans, etc., so don't say how horrible I am that I wouldn't fight this battle - I just don't think it is a fight I want to take as a sub.

It's probably not the fault of the students, anyway, it is the result of something the parents are doing. They don't need me to point it out more than it already is. We truly don't know what is going on, here. They may be being bullied about this, already, why make it worse without knowing anything? These are kids, for God's sake.

When I was in high school there was a girl that, I think, was a Jehovah's witness, would stand for the pledge, but not say it. We noticed it, thought she was odd, I'm sure she wouldn't have been one of our friends, and these days would probably be bullied, but that's how my sample size of "one" came down.
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