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It's important to distinguish between a note that was left a day or two earlier (if the teacher has been absent for a few days) and a note that was left weeks or months ago.

In the first situation, it's hard not to see the note. There usually isn't anything confidential, and when it's there, I take a quick glance to make sure there isn't something important that I'll need for the day. The biggest concern is that it might get mixed up with other papers, so I try to put it aside on the teacher's desk. When another sub will be following me, I now put my note in the teacher's mailbox.

When a regular teacher leaves behind old substitute teacher notes in a folder for others to see, that's inexcusable sloppiness. The vast majority of teachers don't do it and are much more careful, but every now and then I've seen it happen. On a few occasions, I've seen notes I've written six months earlier! I can't say I've never glanced at other old notes, but to be honest, there usually isn't much to see (and I have better things to do with my time).

Teachers take a big risk when they leave old notes behind. Many students, especially older students, sometimes try to make themselves at home at a teacher's desk or work table. For some, there are few or no boundaries. I often have to shoo kids away from places where I don't think they should be. "No, you can't open Mrs. ________'s desk drawer!" or "No, you shouldn't be looking at papers on Mr. ________ 's desk!" A couple times, I've even had middle school students swipe my note when I've left it on the desk, and that's why I try to hide it or hold onto it at all times.
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