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Stay with poster's question?
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I would be very upset as the teacher if you read previous sub notes, especially if it didn't pertain to you or students that you are working with.
And how are you supposed to know that it doesn't?, ahead of time?

I really don't see the big deal, here? How often does a teacher keep notes from the previous 2 years? Most just throw them away, like we've talked about, not even reading them, much less keeping them.

The poster was talking about one particular sub note, I'm sure most were talking about "everything was great!," how exciting was that? The poster was talking about how detailed to write notes, not a lecture about not reading past sub notes, I think. He was giving an example of a sub doing the exact right thing, and passing the info along, in detail, to the t. That sub should get a metal. That is a sub I'd like to emulate, even if just in how to write notes.
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