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Joined: Sep 2018
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cops should emulate t's, even if hard to do
Old 11-24-2018, 10:52 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #27

One time I said something about "stupid behavior" and they (h.s.) started saying "SHE CALLED US STUPID!!" I just ignored it, but I don't use the word "stupid," anymore, I use something else, instead, like "ridiculous," or whatever I can think of at the time.

I've learned that if you just ignore behavior, it usually just goes away because it's not entertaining, anymore - it is boring. If I would have started saying "no, I said STUPID BEHAVIOR," or whatever, it just keeps it going, and may even escalate.

I didn't even THINK of reporting it myself, but maybe I should have, just in case.

There is an old saying, "me thinks thou protests too much," and that's what I try to do.)

This only works if it is just one (or a few) s's, I think, but if it 3/4 of the class, I am lost, but I have ideas from this group, now, for next time.

When I see cops getting SO ANGRY at people videotaping the police stations, I think the same thing. It is not a coincidence that they are videotaping police stations. They are TRYING to get a rise out of them, and they get it - the cops start asking for their ID, telling them they have to leave, threaten them with arrest, etc. If the cops would just ignore them, they would eventually get bored and leave. They need to listen to h.s. teachers b/c we deal with this kind of thing almost every day.

About the flag guy incident, I don't know if I believe that he was there for "10 years." He exaggerated other things, "All I did was thank them for saying the pledge," and conveniently left out the two that didn't stand. I don't remember the district saying that he was there for 10 years, only him.
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