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Block Schedules
Old 11-24-2018, 09:06 PM
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I actually looked on youtube (and we know THAT is scientific lol) to see what I could find about block schedules.

The vast majority of students (who had been on both schedules) said that they liked the block schedule better. Their reasons were:

(1) They liked the longer lunches (?)
(2) If they didn't like a teacher they only saw him/her every other day.
(3) They could do their homework during class
(4) Some said that school started later (?)

The vast majority of teachers said that they preferred block schedules. I can only wonder that if admin wanted traditional scheduling, how many teachers would then prefer traditional schedules, especially those w/o tenure? Just saying.

I actually think they should go by test scores. At least then you would be comparing apples to apples. It's the best (only?) thing we have that's tangible. I haven't even heard anybody else mention this, but me. It's better than subjective opinions.

I know I'm moving schools b/c the other school doesn't have a block schedule. I don't think t's like it any more than subs, if they were honest.
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