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DO not back down! Here's how to face this.
Old 11-26-2018, 12:28 PM
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Sorry those students caught you off guard. But they should have only caught you off guard one time.

You need to make a stand. I personally am deciding not to follow "political correctness" this year, but yes, you have to be careful what you say as the administration will usually not take your side.

Unfortunately, we all have to teach other people how to treat us, as they have NOT received the proper training for this at home. We used to say no "home training," in this case.

If it happens again, and students use disrespectful familiar slang, or swears in any context, "n" word or otherwise, you need to drop the bomb. I am female, and I have to act "like a man" when I do this when subbing, but I do it ALL the time, no one messes with me.

First of all, you need to carry yourself as if you could manage 14 students at one time with some martial arts magic. Why am I telling you this? You are not holding it down. I am not saying swagger all over the place, but walk as if you are a damned U.S. Navy Seal.

Second, when these students come around for the attack, which they will do as they got away with it before, BE READY.

Third, here is what you say. Your tone of voice is nonchalant, quiet, and you only stop long enough to say your peace, then keep going walking to your next class or where ever you have to go.

The exchange will look like this. Kids walk by you, they will see you from a distance, don't worry and they know EXACTLY what they are doing and that it is wrong, yes. They will walk up to you and say whatever, such as "What's up, my n--?" Or whatever they say to you.

At that moment, stop dead in your tracks and look them in the eye. Stop time in the daggone hallway. Say back, "What did you just say to me?" They will be taken aback, you never confronted them before. They will regroup fast, as they don't know if they are in trouble, or if you are able to get them properly in trouble, so they will laugh it off with: "We were just talking," or "Whatever" or "What is the big deal?" something like that.

At which time you are still standing there in your state of shock, staring at them. Then you say this. "I assume your intention is to be a productive citizen in society, and if that is the case, you have some way to go (or say "have a lot to learn")" then pause. As you walk away shake your head. That's all! Exchange OVER.

This will do a couple of things. First, their "rich" role models on social media DO talk like that using "n" word and worse, but you are hinting they won't be productive citizens like this. It is not a put down, all administration can say is that you told them you assumed they would be a productive citizen? You didn't say they would not be, you said you assumed they wanted to be. It is meant to make them think. If they get it, they will change. If they are destined for worse, you can't change their fate, it is a force stronger than you that will pull them down after graduation.

Say less, mean more. Hope this helps.

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