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What type of feedback do you actually need?
Old 11-26-2018, 01:12 PM
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If you acted appropriately, did as much work product as possible, taught the lesson, made sure the students performed appropriately, no one was killed or maimed, no one's "feelings" were seriously hurt without accountability and repercussions, no one was left behind, and no one forgot important gear to go home or forgot to take homework due for tomorrow - I'd say you are all set.

How's this, you did fine!

What do you want said? A pat on the back? I used to want that too, but I used to getting paid to do the above, and unless I went above and beyond, there was no "feedback." I was just a sub and usually "okay."

In the corporate sector, you get a feedback once a year, it is called a performance appraisal or evaluation. In the college faculty sector, you get reviewed same, a few times formally a year. Unless someone is trying to get you unfairly out of the department, you will be told you are "okay." Basically. Or someone wants your job as department chair, and you will be up for the battle of your life for the misuse of the system while you are "reviewed" to an inch of your life, also unfairly.

Why do you need this feedback? If I had to guess, and obviously I was not there, I would guess you know exactly what you could have done better were there more time, so just do that next time. If the students complained about something, make a mental note if you could have handled it differently. Also, if you feel something was wrong, you can tell the teacher who can address it with the students herself, and it is off your plate either way.

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