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Canceled Job...another teacher asked. Am I OK?
Old 11-29-2018, 11:20 PM
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So, I was scheduled to work a sub job tomorrow for a teacher I've never subbed for before. At around 10:30 tonight, a teacher who frequently asks me to sub at another school, but same district, had his partner call me to let me know they were in the hospital and asked if I could sub. I told them that I would cancel my current job and then I would be open to take care of his class while he's away.

I canceled the job on Aesop, and then I got the message that I would no longer be able to find any work for tomorrow, as it generated a Non-Work day. I guess our district's cut off is 12 hours, so I missed it by 2 and some change.

From what I've read online, school site staff can overwrite this Non-Work Day and assign me a job, and I told this teacher that I would be at the school early to explain everything to the secretary and hope that they are able to assign me the job. And the sub coordinator in our district seems to like me, but I'm worried this will make me look bad.

The original job got booked within seconds, as they do in my district, so it's not like there's an unfilled position because of my cancelation.

Anybody have any experience with this? Should I just stop worrying and go to bed?

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