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I wouldn’t have done it if it were me
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One of things teachers complain about in my district is how subs tend to drop jobs at the last minute.
They often fail to remember they (the teachers) sometimes to the same thing though. I know there are subs who don’t feel guilty for dropping jobs for exactly that reason.

To be honest, it’s a double edged sword.

I have a business card that says requests are a priority for me. I will drop nonrequested jobs for requested ones, however....

You need to remember that teachers talk to one another. So do the secretaries at sites.

The secretaries are the gatekeepers at a school. If the secretaries think you are unreliable, they will drop you from jobs at their site that are not a request from somebody there. At the same time, a good reputation will get you calls from that site, even if you already have jobs and put you in demand.

I wouldn’t have done it. I would have politely declined the friend, said I would love to but I already have another assignment at another site.

I only would have dropped the original if the request was for a multi day assignment. If it’s just a 1 for 1, there’s no advantage for you.

In the future, I would be careful in those situations. Even if you were canceling a roving job, you might get the attention of the secretaries/admin.

Good luck to you

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