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No, it's not the Garden of Eden...
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Maine (obvious), work directly for the district which is relatively small and very rural--those might be disclaimers.

Overall, I do feel fairly treated--far from perfect, certainly but I also think I understand the difference between subbing and being a full-time employee. I'm surely underpaid but I also accepted the position knowing I would be.

Breaking it down:

Teachers and para's, in general, seem to respect what I do. We have a decent team spirit and recognition that we are all working to the same end.

Admin contributes greatly to the culture and team spirit... Realistically, I accept my position at the bottom of the heap of priorities. I'm certainly not "mistreated" but there are times when it's easy to feel "overlooked" -- at least until common sense kicks in and I realize how much is going on every day. Our district office is extremely helpful with payroll and other employment issues, which actually are few. Our sub coordinators are amazing.

Students are little people (well, until they get to high school) who certainly have their challenges and their own priorities as well. I don't feel disrespected as a sub (another disclaimer--I've been around for quite a while and the kids don't think of me as a sub) although they occasionally do try to pull one over on me--usually in the spirit of fun.

Since I've been accused of not living in the real world, my primary wishes:
  • Additional communication about school policy changes, etc.
  • Inclusion in some PD (professional development) opportunities even unpaid.
  • A review of sub pay rates is long overdue, but our district also has had severe budget issues for several years.

By the way, the "real employee" issue exists here as well--it's a systems issue created (in our case) by a combination of the State DOE reporting requirements and federal interference. For example, all subs recently had to go through the fingerprinting/background check process when "renewing." Everyone agreed that "fingerprints don't change" but federal requirements did and because of our employee classification our credentials couldn't be renewed. Even district admin admitted it was non-sensical. Some of this stuff can't be blamed on the districts.
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