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ElemEd -

First of all, this incident did not happen to anyone on this board. The original poster read about on Yahoo.

Secondly - Of course this particular sub was using "proximity praise". It is a well-known and highly effective teaching tool. But I would argue that therefore what he was saying was indeed directed at the students who were sitting. His purpose was to give them a message, similar to how you would be giving Joey a message in your scenario. But I would argue that Joey goofing around with his crayons and students sitting during the Pledge are drastically different behaviors. It may make many of us uncomfortable, but students do have the right to sit during the Pledge of Allegiance. If you praise the students who stand you are telling the ones who are sitting that they are wrong. Maybe the sitting students have religious reasons or they're trying to protest things about our government. Or maybe they are just being lazy or trying to push limits. But I will say, as someone who was once a rebellious teenager, it is much more effective to let it be their decision. I consider myself to be a very patriotic person, and one main reason for that is that we do have the right to protest. Not all countries do.

I don't know. We also do not know exactly how it all went down. We don't know the tone of voice or what other things this sub had said or done earlier.
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