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I think, like most people here, that I am respected and treated well. I had no idea there was a new law about sick leave and I'm in Ca.

I am confused about the "mandatory training" that people here are talking about?

Are you talking about a formal (or several) meeting at a school, or district, or something, with an informer of some sort? That is what I thought at first, and I wondered why anybody wouldn't get paid for this, and how can that be legal?

Then some talk on here made me think that people were talking about those readings on the computer with the questions at the end? Are these the trainings that people on here are talking about? You read about "pests," or whatever, and answer the questions. You must pass them to get hired.

Is that what you're saying we should get paid for? I never even thought about that being "mandatory training." Honestly, I just took the tests and didn't read it, usually, and usually only missed one or two. They tell you which ones you missed. Some of them were interesting and I read them, anyway.

At one district there was an interview, a little bit of the sub coordinator telling me about laws, etc. (like no photos for videotaping of students in class, etc.) Maybe 1/2 hour., doing livescan, etc. I never even thought of getting paid for these things, which is why I'm not sure what is being referenced to, here?

In my opinion there is a big difference between formal meetings and small readings about topics and questions to answer on the internet.


I think we need a union (see below for a good reason).

Last Thursday a s was yelling a me (these are h.s. s's) over a phone that I had confiscated. I'm trying to make this short so I'm leaving out A LOT. The s came around the desk and started pulling out drawers to find his phone. I opened the drawer with the phone in it and was holding it.

HE GRABBED MY HAND and WRIST and we wrestled over the phone, and I won. A little while later this repeated itself and I won again.

Of course, after the 1st incident I was going to call the office, but I couldn't find the extension numbers, anywhere. The s is yelling at me this entire time. I thought that I must have missed them, so I looked again to no avail.

I didn't know what to do. I had the t's extension, lets say 1234, so I thought I would have a better chance to find somebody if I used something similar to that number, so I pushed 2345, and somebody picked up! She called the office...

And I waited... and waited... and waited.

Nobody showed up. I called the 2345 extension again and asked if she had called the office. They had told her that 2 of the administrators were in a meeting.

So I waited... and waited... and waited.

FINALLY the campus monitor showed up (why not the first time?) and she took him off.

I think the vp seemed to take it seriously, though she didn't call the police (I thought it would be a battery, or at least scare the piss out of him if a cop showed up.

She said she would investigate further on Friday (I was there on Fri, also, for a different t), but she didn't talk to me at all.

I did wonder if it would have gone down the same if I were a t?

On Friday I learned from another t that there is an emergency extension number, of which I had NO IDEA. I was mad that I didn't know this number. I wrote it in my sub notebook. It is an emergency number. I asked him if what happened to me was an emergency? He said "yes. What if he would have started to get worse with me? What if he would have started on another s?"

But since I didn't have the number, it didn't matter, anyway.

(By the way, how do you know if something is an "emergency?" I certainly would have called the extension if I would have known it, but then I wonder if I would have been able to call 911, would that be o.k. for that? (but I couldn't call 911, either). Where do you draw the line?) Keep in mind that I NEVER felt scared or threatened or ANYTHING like that, he just wanted his phone.

Why aren't subs given this number?

I am afraid to say ANYTHING to ANYBODY about ANY of this for fear of being banned - I want to keep this job. There are certainly several things that need to be addressed.

I am even afraid to tell the sub coordinator to cancel my job for this t next Month for fear that she will question the school and I'll get in trouble.


I also think that subs should be privy to sp ed students because many times I have trouble with students it turns out that they are. If I would have known that I may have approached the situation differently - I don't need details, I just think I have a right to know. I know about confidentiality so don't bother with that, but this is a different topic.
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