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Joined: Nov 2018
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I carry a form letter with me
Old 12-01-2018, 11:26 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #16

I write a report about the class (or classes) that I taught for that day.

It ends with, ďIf you have any questions, comments, criticisms, or suggestions, please contact me at...Ē

I would never change a teacherís plan, whether I felt it needed to be changed or not. Itís not my place to do so.
Oftentimes, a teacher will write on a lesson plan for me to ďalter or change it as I see fit.Ē
As I have permission, in those cases, I would consider it.

As far as trying to show a teacher, a site, or anybody else for that matter, about whether I have the ability to teach, my mind goes back to the day when I was hired. The first thing the substitute teacher clerk told me was, ďYou work at the discretion of the district.Ē

Harsh words?
Yes, but not a lie either.

The reason why Iím needed is because somebody who is supposed to be there is not there.

If I donít do my job the way they want, theyíll get somebody else to do it. Thatís their right and I have to accept that.

If assignments are so plentiful that a sub can be resricted by multitudes of teachers, then I would say itís fine to say take me off your list.
Unfortunately, thatís not the experience in my district where I work.
Teachers move around a lot. Iíve worked in my district for some time. If I were to leave a ďIf you donít like/respect me, take me off your list.Ē note, I would probably be viewed as arrogant and soon I wouldnít be working.

If that works for you, then thatís all the better for you. I know I could never do it.
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