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What we may consider a waste of time could be very important to them.
I must have been unclear. I didn't mean to imply that *I* thought it was a waste of their time - I mean that *the secretaries* probably see it as a waste of their time as the computer does the vast majority of it (at least in my district).

That's why it didn't seem like they were really the gatekeepers except in special circumstances [do you know a good sub?... etc.]. That's all - it just seemed weird to hear that so many times when AESOP does most of it - teachers put in sub requests, put subs on their priority list, probably take subs off of their list entirely (don't know about that one, though), all through AESOP without anything needed from the secretary.

I can see them being gatekeepers before AESOP, when secretaries did the calling, but it doesn't seem that necessary for a secretary to spend time on this (again, from THEIR point of view) except in extreme cases. It just seemed weird to me.


But I am wondering... Can you give us an (some?) example about how your priorities as a sub did not align with the teacher's expectations? I'm curious.


Broomrider, in the next post, talks about subs that are "friendly, go-along to get-along" subs.

I have been trying very hard to be like this with my new district.

I'm starting to second guess myself about the incident with the kid grabbing me (posted on a different thread).

Now I'm thinking that I didn't really have a choice when I took the phone, but when he stole another student's paper off of the front desk and was copying it, I could have just written it down for the t, like many subs *I think,* and maybe none of this would have happened - I would have been more "go-along to get-along" because I was going along more with everything being *smooth.*

Things would have been MUCH smoother later on. To me at the time, I had just had him almost yelling at me about taking his phone (only until the end of the period and then given it back), and now copying and stealing a paper, that I sent him to the office - that is what set him off.

I'm wondering if the other teachers (and/or admin) are thinking that I'm a trouble-maker, now as a sub. Now that I'm putting this in writing it seems pretty absurd because no other t or admin has said anything to me about how I should have done anything differently, but when I remember everybody on here talking about ensuring the *status crow," or whatever it is , I start to wonder, and I think about what I could have done (or not done) to have made it not happen. I also could have just given him the phone back when he kept yelling at me or even when he grabbed me (he never did get the phone from me).

I also think about the poster on here who said, "no news is good news," and as far as I know nothing has changed as far as my sub status.

Anyway, my insecurity is showing again, but I do wonder if I should have handled it differently, being a sub. Maybe I should have just given in so as not to cause the issue in the first place. This may be a good example of my t experience hindering me b/c I think I went into t mode when this happened (maybe). Maybe I should have handled it differently since I was a sub than if I had been a t?

I could have just given in to the kid and just not taken any jobs from that t again. Maybe that would have been better? The way I did it the vp had to get involved and possibly the p.

I don't know. I'm just afraid that I won't get any jobs at that school, again.
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