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re sick pay
Old 12-08-2018, 06:11 PM
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Although I certainly can't prove it, I am convinced that my largest district intentionally tried to withhold the way sick pay is implemented.

There was a memo printed out and ostensibly sent out to subs, but only one sub I spoke with actually got the memo.

The schools are required to put the poster of the law up somewhere in the lounge or office where it can be seen. Most schools have complied, but this does not explain how it works for subs.

The district office used to have a memo printed on the wall in their office, but no longer. This memo also did not explain how it works for subs. The memo they did not send us does explain how it works.

The reason why the district did not send us the memo was because they did not want us to know how it works. Their "forgetting" cost me $250 dollars. I wrote personnel to explain why I was entitled to $250. but of course I was denied.

I was too sick to work two days in January, 2016, so I did not pick up any available jobs. It makes no sense to pick up a job when you are sick.
By not having a job scheduled on the days I was sick, I had no jobs to cancel, so I did not get paid.

I wrote the author of the sick bill up in Sacramento and explained how this district's unfair implementation of the law cost me $250, but I got no response.

The next year I had learned my lesson. I had a sore throat at 5 am and knew I could not work, but had no scheduled job. I picked up a job on Aesop, then cancelled it five minutes late. This time I got paid.

If you are too sick to work, you had better get a job to cancel.
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