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If I made it point to always make sure I have the best job available on any given day, I would probably cancel about 60% of all my scheduled jobs. If I did this, I would soon be sitting home.

I do cancel existing jobs, but it is very rare, and never within 72 hours of the start of the job.

I make sure I keep my Aesop pins separate since one of my districts sometimes forgets to cancel my jobs, and I don't find out until I get to the school that the job no longer exists, and that someone forgot to cancel it.

We only get paid 40% day when this happens, and it has therefore cost me about $700 over the last 12 years. The total lost could have been closer to $3000, but fortunately, there is usually somewhere else to go.

So it is of course a two way street, since the ones that forget to cancel lose nothing. Only we can lose if we cancel.

There was one occasion when I had only one job booked in advance for the week, and then I was offered a full week in a better class at my other Aesop district, so I traded one day for five, and the five payed an additional 25 dollars per day. I gave up $125 to earn $700, so cancelling made sense.

Otherwise, I might cancel about twice a year if the new job is much better than the one I have already.

The bottom line is that you can probably cancel once a year in the same district without a problem, but no more than this, unless you are ill.
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