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Clip to ScrapBook #4

1) I may have told this story before. The kids were doing group work. I'm thinking they were like 3rd - 4th grades. Some were a bit chatty, so I was saying "Shhh...". And then a few too many were getting up out of their seats, so I was saying, "Sit.."

But those two words ended up getting mixed up and I said something I did not want to say!

2) I put a can of soda in the freezer section of the class fridge to get it cold. But I didn't take it out in time and it burst. It was remarkably difficult to clean, and I really was not able to do a good job. The only way to really do it would have been to unplug the fridge and let it all defrost. But it had the class milks for the next day in it, and I didn't have time, so I just did the best I could and apologized in my note!

3) A box was delivered to the classroom with the teacher's name. It was near to the end of the day. A boy (1st grade) said he knew it was their book order and that the teacher would want him to open the box. I think the boy was on the spectrum. He REALLY wanted to open it. But I said I couldn't let him, because it wasn't addressed to me. But I'd leave it for his teacher to see the next day. I thought he understood, but when I was helping everyone get ready to go home, he got some scissors and opened it! I felt really bad, because I feel it was a privacy violation to open it, and I didn't want the teacher to think that I told the boy it was ok. Again, I explained and apologized in a note.

I'm sure there are more, but that's what comes to mind right now!
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