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Old 12-12-2018, 09:33 AM
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I think it’s become obvious that this sub has had issues before at that school. I feel that we need to pick our battles when it comes to dealing with the students. Standing or not standing is not a battle I would choose. By law, you cannot force a student to stand for the pledge. This court decision was based on religious reasons if I remember correctly.

I myself stand for the Pledge but omit the “under god” part because I believe in separation of church and state.

My HS age daughter is one of those students who chooses not to stand for the Pledge. She does so for political reasons. She is deeply unhappy about our current state of affairs and stays seated as a form of silent protest. She loves her country but is worried and saddened about its future. She chooses not to kneel because she says that would make it even more obvious and a child who did that was bullied. I support her choice. She is respectful, cooperative and well behaved in school. She is highly regarded as intelligent, trustworthy, and dependable by her teachers. She is politically active and has worked on behalf of political campaigns that she supports. This is just one more way that she demonstrates.
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