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Clip to ScrapBook #10

I am surprised I didn't get banned on my very first day of subbing over 21 year ago.

I was in a 5th grade class, and told the kids to sit their as__s down.
I was politely told this was inappropriate from the Principal since at least one kid told on me.

About 15 years ago, I went to a 4th grade class very upset from the night before.

My friend told me I was clear to change lanes while driving, when he mistakenly directed me into this wrong lane to begin with. I changed lanes incorrectly and for nothing, and backed into a car behind me. I was seething at him since he told me it was clear, AND it was the wrong lane. This was a bizarre way to mess up my perfect driving record and my low insurance rate.

The students could tell I was in a bad mood, and certainly not my cheery self. I was still seething 12 hours later and should have stayed home.

It was a difficult class that acted out loudly. I yelled at them and called them jerks. I was lucky not to get told on and banned.

I am fortunately long gone from both these districts.

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