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parents who bully schools
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I am posting the above article link because it addresses a problem I've experienced at the elementary schools where I've subbed. Apparently, it's becoming commonplace for parents to become school bullies! These parents will also unfairly target teachers (including subs) because somehow the teachers didn't go along with their agenda.

I have been now blocked twice from schools due to being blindsided by entitled, bullying parents. Most recently, I was greeting second grade students one morning as they entered class. A woman showed up and started intervening, talking over me, and calling out orders to the students both in and out of the classroom. From her aggressive behavior I thought maybe she was another teacher. She then stepped in between me and the children with an air of importance and introduced herself as the mom of one of the students and the "PTA president" (really???) and told me she'd be helping out during the Art lesson that day. I assured her that I was aware of this because it was on the lesson plan and thanked her for her help. I then got busy with the children and noticed the parent walking off.

When the art teacher arrived for the lesson, the "PTA president" was nowhere to be found. It was my prep time, but I ended up spending it to assist the art teacher myself. The art teacher thanked me for this. Then during the last 10 minutes, the parent finally bothered to show up. She started helping a bit, but I continued to help since I'd already started.

Suddenly, as the art teacher was packing up, this parent started making a scene. She accused me (in front of the class) of being "rude" (what?????) and then rushed to the back of the room to grab her (now crying) child and said she was leaving. I asked her if it was for early dismissal and stepped towards her to speak to her. She pushed towards me and said "Are you trying to block me?" I backed away and realized that she was out of control. She left the room in a rage, leaving me totally shocked and wondering what had just happened.

The next thing I know, I got a call from the VP asking me to come in after class. Turns out the "PTA president" accused me of pushing her! (I didn't touch her. And mind you, I am half her size and twice her age!) I simply explained my side of the story.

The conclusion was that even though the school admitted this woman is "trouble", their solution was to temporarily block me from the school (for my own "safety"). I sub a lot at this school, so it's really upsetting that instead of recognizing me as a valued guest teacher and dealing with the bully, they choose to penalize me.

The lesson I've learned to is to be extremely cautious around parents and not try to deal with those who are being unreasonable. Just stay out of it and report it to the principal later.

Unfortunately, as a sub, no matter what you do, you still may be falsely accused (as I was). As I'd said before, subbing is essentially like walking through a mine field. You never know when you're stepping into an explosive situation. Seems the schools are dealing with the same dilemma.

Have you had any encounters with bullying parents? I'd like to hear from others.

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