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Levi Buddy

Levi Buddy
Working 55+ hours w/another overtime pay!
Old 12-20-2018, 11:17 AM
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I am working 7-3 in high school almost every day. The exception that most of us encounter includes teacher work days and holidays. When I leave my assignment, I help out another department for 3 hours.
I work 55 hours a week and the district has me classified as part time, which is unfortunate, but that’s not the real issue.
I’ve contacted the government agency that handles inquiries regarding FLSA and they say that substitutes along with full time teachers do not qualify for overtime.

I enjoy the extra cash, but getting up at 4:50 am and getting home at 7 pm is taking its toll for the little $ I’m paid. I’ve decided that I’ll probably resign very soon.

Has anyone else encountered this scenario through their own experience or seen someone else in a similar situation?

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