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Wage and hour laws differ from state to state... part-time versus full time is only part of the consideration. There's also "exempt" versus "non-exempt" classifications and pay rates enter into it. For example, when I sub I am paid a "per diem" (amount for the day). The length of the day isn't a factor. Wage and hour laws are not as simple as often thought. For example, if you are working two different jobs for the same company (district) and neither exceeds 40 hours... in some cases you wouldn't have worked overtime in either job.

Since you've already contacted government agencies and been told you're not eligible for overtime, in some ways "it is what it is" and you'll need to decide if it's worth it.

In regards to my situation with the per diem, I've had long days due to extenuating circumstances and I've had short days. Personally, I think it all balances out in the end.

Your additional considerations might be how much enjoyment you are getting and what you're long-term goals are. If you are seeking permanent employment with the district the experience and your willingness to work could be an investment.
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