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Clip to ScrapBook #4

When I rove for several classes, I rarely leave a note. Maybe if I'm in the class for 2 hours, I'll jot a couple sentences down. Additionally, if one teacher's meeting runs overtime there is nothing I can do about being late for the next teacher's class. Luckily, nobody has ever yelled at me.

I wouldn't let that teacher keep you from working at that school. You may have some very good experiences in other classes and with other teachers.

When I first started subbing (eons ago) I couldn't find a classroom so I stuck my head into a room to ask a teacher where it was. This was before school started. He was meeting with a group of students and was so rude to me for interrupting his meeting. It was humiliating. And he didn't even listen to my question. I did not stop going to the school, though. That was when I was in my 20s. If it happened now I would not slink away like I did then; be assured I would say something about his behavior in front of the students. Ahh, if we could only go back.

Keep subbing, you will get the hang of it. Most teachers are not rude like the one you encountered, at least in my experience.
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