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Clip to ScrapBook #6

I do quite a bit of MS, and have learned not to challenge the student, or insist they do the work.

I let them know that if they are focused, it will be noted, and I do record students who are doing well.

I never raise my voice and tell them to get to work. I will give them reminders to get started, but I certainly do not get bent out of shape if they do nothing.

If they are too chatty as well as lazy, I will tell them to lower their voice so they do not disturb those who have chosen to concentrate and focus.

If they continue to be loud, I calmly tell them that I would prefer keeping them in the classroom, so please let others focus.

I sometimes ask the student if they would like assistance from another student, instead of assuming they are just being lazy.

I tell them that it is their choice whether they choose to focus, but to let me know if they need help if they want to get work done.

I rarely get rude or sarcastic students, but depending on their comments, I might try asking them why they felt a certain way and try to make a calm remark refuting them.

The bottom line is to let the student decide whether or not they want to do the work.
Emphatically telling them to do it will not work with a sub.
Encourage them, but show them that it does not bother you personally if they do not work.
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