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Changing the way you think...
Old 01-14-2019, 05:05 AM
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Those who've commented about the difficulty getting feedback are pretty much on track for a number of reasons... the big one being it's not the teacher's job to teach the sub. (The lack of training for subs is, for now, a different topic.)

New subs often hear the advice to "show no fear" and "fake it until you can make it." There's some validity. Keep working on trying to lessen self-doubt. Create your own feedback system by analyzing your day with questions like "What really worked today?" and "What was the best thing that happened?" I'm not diminishing the value of objective feedback but rather suggesting you should be able to answer those questions accurately. And reward yourself for your accomplishments. (If I'm feeling like an adult beverage at the end of the day, I can't have it until I've identified at least one good thing I did well.)

It might be different and more difficult in a bigger school but I seek teacher feedback in somewhat unstructured ways. I hang around at the end of the day... and will occasionally wander into to a neighboring teacher's room who's still there, asking if she/he needs help straightening up before I leave... (they usually don't) and I'll try to work in a question or two like "Did we bother you much today?" and "Do you mind if I ask...?" Sometimes it's obvious the teacher doesn't have time, but I've had hour-long conversations with some. I've actually gone back to the room I subbed in the day before to say "Hi" to the teacher and kids... (don't interrupt class). If I have time in the morning, I'll do a quick check before going to my assignment for the day.

I'm also a big reader... not only can that be a learning experience, but you also get feedback when you read about something and realize "Hey! I do that!"

You can change self-doubt to self-reliance.
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