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Clip to ScrapBook #8

subs ARE treated differently than teachers (or perhaps for the state of education in general, fortunately--if this is everyday in classrooms we are doomed.)

I was a team teacher and when my partner was absent, the students were qualitatively different even though only half of the dynamic changed. She assured me the same happened when I was gone.

For teachers, most subs are an unknown--their experience, level of teaching skill, and knowledge of subject. I and others often leave review materials and seldom ask subs to introduce new materials--out of self defense. I often needed 2-3 hours to prep for a sub, running off materials, labeling and stacking, pulling out manipulatives (not to mention clearing off my desk!)

I do think throwing the work away in front of you was bad. Both for your morale and for the students' if they were present. Teaching students that the work guided by a sub will be tossed gives permission for students acting out and not working for subs. I always marked and returned the papers led by a sub for exactly that reason whether or not they were recorded. It also suggests to you that the work you are asked to lead isn't valuable. Even as crowd control, it's valuable.

As far as classroom management is concerned, it's a work in progress for ALL new people in any classroom. My first classroom subbing experiences were BAD and this was in the 1980s! You will learn the teacher look (I think shooting lightning out of my eyes), the standing near the trouble makers, the hmmm what can I use as a carrot for this class, etc. I don't think it's a sin to ask administration for help when a few students make the classroom impossible. I've done it and been invited back. The students are often well known to the principal.

You are likely not aware that the Obama administration sent out a letter saying they were looking for civil rights violations in suspensions and expulsions of students of color which intimidated many administrators at the school and district level into doing nothing about behavior. Still, many building administrators will remove students from class at least temporarily which can let you get the rest under control and working. And the feds are looking at rescinding that policy.

I expect that as you sub more in your district(s) you will make a couple of lists for yourself, a YES list, a likely list, and a NEVER UNLESS I'M STARVING list. Schools are different, classrooms are different. Find the ones you enjoy or at least can abide. Given that so many schools are begging for subs, as your lists grows you may well be able to have more control over your own work life.

A reminder that secretaries are often wonderful people to have on your side. They are asked for recommendation of subs by teachers, they can provide good information on students, they often are doing the assigning of subs. Always greet and appreciate secretaries.
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