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Clip to ScrapBook #12

It would be nice to get feedback, but no matter where you work, you'll find it's just not a priority for most people.

I think the best way is to talk to the teacher face to face and ask. I don't go out of my way to do that, but occassionally I 've bumped into a teacher I've subbed for who will tell me what a great job I did and ask me to sub for her again. Getting asked back is the best feedback!

You can also leave your email address on the sub plans and indicate that you'd welcome any feedback. Also leave your phone number and name and indicate that you'd love to sub for her again. If she contacts you to sub again, you can then ask for specific pointers.

The saying goes, "no news is good news." If you don't hear back, please don't be discouraged. Just do your best and try to learn from your mistakes. When you run into snags, think about ways to do things differently the next time so that you can improve your skills and strategies.

Talk to and observe experienced teachers and subs, and get pointers and tips when you can. And please be patient with yourself. It's a constant learning process for us all.

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