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Update-- Grandma going to tutor
Old 11-16-2019, 03:42 AM
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I took the time to assess a very resentful granddaughter who was likely embarrassed and extremely frustrated about her math struggles. She truly had shut down. It was hard to tell what was truly a lack of knowledge or a refusal. I decided that we needed to start with subtraction with borrowing. My daughter was livid. She couldn't believe that we needed to go back that far, but was desperate and agreed to allow it.

We also started with learning multiplication facts. She has been improving slowly, but I do not believe she practices at home. Her mother definitely is not helping. We recently started on multiplication of three digit numbers with two digit numbers and long division with a single divisor and no remainders. This seems like our spot to be working on. My daughter has started to complain that we are not working on seventh grade math, so I just added in addition of integers, which is not our focus yet, but will do at the end of each lesson, keeping it very basic until she is comfortable.

I have been defending my thoughts that we truly need to build the basics before we can even think about seventh grade math. My daughter claims she talked to the teacher (the one that won't respond to her emails) telling her I am working on elementary math with her and the teacher supposedly said she should still be able to do the work if we just give her a calculator. Whoa, the girl doesn't even know what operations to do with the calculator in a given problem. I showed my daughter an example of seventh grade math, and told her the skills needed to solve that problem. I showed her from our sessions and from the assessments the various things she doesn't understand. My daughter replied that Math is all about learning formulas. I need to teach her the formulas. I keep telling my daughter I will work in some of the seventh grade stuff as I see fit, but she just isn't ready for that yet. I need her to trust me.

My granddaughter is becoming more confident and we have passed the refusal stage. As long as her mom doesn't put a stop to our sessions, I think we will see some growth in time. Once she masters the math facts, I believe we will move more quickly.

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