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I can relate!
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I can relate! I wish I could spend all year on comprehension strategies, but those other reading skills are certainly important. What my team does is try to incorporate mini lessons on reading skills within the comprehension strategy units. Some fit very naturally while others are a stretch. Here are some of the pairings we have found that worked well for us:

-More basic character study during connections
-Setting and other story elements during visualizing
-Main Idea and Detail during determining importance
-Nonfiction text features during determining importance
-Character traits, theme, author's purpose, and context clues during inferring
-Problem and solution during questioning

We also do a lot of reading skills the month of December. We don't technically have a comprehension strategy scheduled for that month since the schedule seems to be wild with the holidays. Using higher interest holiday stories we do some of the more skill based activities to address some skills we have a hard time fitting in (sequencing, cause-effect). A lot of skills are also reviewed just prior to testing in the spring.

I struggle with this every year- especially when you then try to weave in vocabulary standards such as homophones and synonyms! I'd love to hear more suggestions too! Reading is so complex!!!!
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