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First year teacher - time off
Old 11-10-2015, 09:28 AM
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Hi everyone. I'm hoping that someone can possibly help me out.

I am currently attending a post certification program and will be applying for a teaching position in the spring for the fall school year. This is my problem. My parents are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary next November and have booked a cruise to take all of their kids and their families to celebrate. Being that that will be my first year teaching, will I get that time off? It's for one week before Thanksgiving. I feel like I'm wedged in a corner with this one because I have to find a teaching position so that I can do my first year and get my certification, however, this is a once in a lifetime family event. I realize districts and schools are all different and maybe it will just come down to the hiring school making that decision but I'm just curious whether teachers do get time off. If they need a week off, for example, how does that work? Do they have to line up a substitute to fill in and I would imagine the time off is unpaid, too.

Any help with this would be wonderful. I've tried looking at two of my local school districts and everything is password protected as far as employee information.

Also, when I interview for my teaching job, I was thinking of stating right then that I would need that week off in November. Does that sound like a good thing or would I be better off waiting and then asking? I feel bad doing that, though, but I know you have to do things a certain way sometimes to get them to work.

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