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Thank you both for your advice.

I think I'm going to do just that. Secure a teaching position and then tell them. I feel bad doing so but I guess that's better than not securing the job because of that vacation need.

Yes, I tried to see if my parents could make the trip over the Thanksgiving holiday week but the fares are almost double and for 13 people going, that would be impossible for them to do.

Another question I have is when I do ask for the time off am I doing just that? Asking or stating that I am taking that time off? I know in past jobs I've had (not teaching) I would just put in for a vacation request and then get approved but I don't know how teachers work. Do you ask your principal? What would the principal most likely expect of me such as making sure I have coverage for that week, etc?

My other concern is that this will be my first year teaching. So I would only have been in my classroom for almost three months. Plus, I'll have a mentor teacher to bounce questions off of and occasional supervisor evaluations.

With all of this aside, I can't miss this trip. This is a once in a lifetime event that I would regret if I am not part of it.
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