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make yourself familiar
Old 06-03-2009, 03:44 PM
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My experience tells me that if you keep going to the same school or schools instead of spreading yourself out over a bunch of schools, it will take less time for everyone in the school to get to know you. Your face and possibly your name will start to stick in their minds.
Sometimes it takes more than one or two visits to a building before they realize you exist. Sometimes it takes 10 visits. If they don't see you a whole bunch, they might act like you don't exist, because after that day, you won't in their eyes. People in schools are very occupied with their own tasks and problems. On the other hand, I have heard that in some schools the teachers and principals make it a point to keep their eyes open for subs who are on the ball. It depends on the school.
Make yourself familiar. Also keep in mind that some schools never request subs. They are just glad to get anybody to fill in and don't think about making specific requests. And then you have teachers who are so busy, they don't have time to think about who was there last time and what they did, so they just make the request for the sub and get who they get over and over again all year.
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