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What works for me...
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1) I leave a detailed note about the day/class/whatever. The good stuff as well as the problems. I am also honest - if I made a mistake, I want the teacher to hear it from me, not blown out of proportion from one/group of the students.
2) I say hi to all adults. I've been requested back because I made an impression with parents! Just acknowledging their presence will start a conversation. It doesn't have to be long (I'm very shy around my peers, so it's a challenge for me) but it's been one of the most beneficial things I've done.
3) If you have a chance to visit the staff room or talk to the secretary (or principal, as they still think they're in charge )... for the same reason as above.
4) Leave a business card. If you return, but it's been a while, leave another one. If they have 2 of yours, they can take one home for sick days. If they don't keep them, it's another reminder.
5) Accept jobs from all places. My degree is "for" HS band, English, but I've done most of my subbing for a K teacher this year. And now that the kids know me, it's a lot of fun!
But, in the end, be yourself, and fly under the radar for the most part. Do what you're asked to the best of your ability.
Sorry for the ramble!
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