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Teaching Children to Care, Chap 1 and 2
Old 07-05-2009, 06:40 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #1

Here are the notes I made as I read these two chapters. I have some questions at the end that I would love to get your input on.

Chapter 1--
I love the way the author talks to the children when she wants them to include everyone-- "you have a gift to give."

Chapter 2--
Boy, can I relate to the author's first classroom. She has everything set up beautifully.... until the children arrive. I didn't have dividers that kept me from seeing everyone but I had materials that were not child friendly or not really conducive to independent work. I guess I am not surprised to learn that this is a rookie mistake!

The author comments to the students about what she sees that is RIGHT; she makes no comments on what went wrong. That is, she does not point that she asked the students to use the materials with care, to place the crayons back in the box and now they are on the floor. Instead, she asks the students to remind her of what they are supposed to do. Talking this way makes so much sense but is not the way I have worked in the past ; this will take some consistent attention on my part to do this right.

It seems to me that learning to talk to students the way the author does will make more difference in managing my classroom than any other skill I can learn.

I am constantly asking students to walk down the stairs. I love the author's remarks," I see too many steps. Show me again how you walk down the stairs." I just love it!

All her comments are encouraging, specific, and positive.

(I skimmed over the morning meeting, guided discovery, and three stages of the school year as I have the morning meeting book and the first six weeks of school and put them to use last year-- not as successfully as I would have liked but I am familiar with these parts and love them and will be doing them again. Please feel free to discuss or question these parts; I just don't have any notes to share.)

Question: on page 32, the author lists several comments made to students to show the students that she "sees" them and is aware of who they are and what they are doing. Each comment acknowledges that she sees them but none of the comments say good job, well done or I like the way you are doing that.... For those of you who have been through the training or are just really good at this positive talk, is there are reason she just notices and acknowledges what the children are doing rather than telling them that she likes it?

Question: Does anyone have an example of what to use in a portrait book? I love the idea and would like to do that with my class this year. I think I have 3rd grade this year.

Okay, your turn. Please share your thoughts on these chapters. Shall we read the next two chapters-- Making the Rules and Teaching the Rules-- for next week?

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