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Chapters 1 and 2
Old 07-06-2009, 07:25 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #4

As I read Chapter 1, these two points resonated with me:
  • The two goals of discipline:
Creation of self-control
I was guilty of assuming that students know all about self-control. I now know that students have to be taught ways to interact and control their bodies. School is not the same as being at home. All students come to us with diverse home situations and must be taught appropriate behaviors. In especially kindergarten, this may be the child’s first interaction with other children.

Creation of community
I also liked the statement from Charney, “You have a gift to give.” She emphasized the importance of community-building as an ongoing process. Every person has a need to feel acceptance. Children who feel safe and connected to their classroom environment will thrive.

Chapter 2

I See you, I see Everything!

I have been guilty of saying, “ I like the way you____.” On page 32, I love Charney’s suggestions for commenting on what you see even when redirecting negative behavior. I liked that the language is encouraging, specific, and positive. This will take practice for me too! I am quick to say, “Stop it!” Charney’s emphasis was to notice what children do right.

I am curious about the morning meeting. There never seems to be enough time for this. I am wondering if this is only used in the beginning of the year or if it is a daily routine.

As I read through the stages, 1,2, 3, all of those made sense, as students are gradually released with responsibility. They are taught specifically the classroom procedures for every facet of the school day.

The first two chapters are very interesting. I am hoping that in the preceding chapters that Charney gives specific suggestions about dealing with extremely defiant children using this approach.
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