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A word about Time Out
Old 10-02-2010, 04:56 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #4

It is NOT punitive.

Children should not be made to feel excluded or that they are missing out on something.

Time Out is a place where children go to get back in control. Children need to learn the skills and strategies for controlling their chatter, bodies and minds. And one of the strategies we teach them is to take a minute and remove yourself from the group to regain focus and control.

Think of it this way: When we take a time out from our busy lives to go shopping, read a book or have a girls' night, we aren't being punitive. We are refilling ourselves so we can carry on with the demands of our lives. In essense we are regaining our self-control and finding our center.

This is the same principle for the Time Out spot in a Responsive Classroom. The Time Out Chair should be in a spot where the child can continue to be part of the lesson, but far enough away so he or she can do the job of regaining self control. Hopefully you've taught them ways to do that (ddep breaths, counting to 20, relaxing their bodies) and taught them how to return to the group.

This was a big shift in my own learning, but a really, really important one. If you frame Time Out correctly for the children, you will be amazed at the sense of purpose it has for them.

PLEASE watch this

And read this

As for the Buddy Teacher; I have never heard that the child must be physically barred from the class with their backs to the other children. Actually, I know that goes against the Principles of RC. That is not respectful, and in my opinion, harkens back to the days of the DUNCE cap. please be careful about this and why you are not allowing children to see and be seen. If you read the article below, there are specific behaviors you must teach for this strategy to be effective.

Then, please post back with more clarifying questions. I hope these pieces from NEFC help you! They helped me!
Please do not mistake my tone... I am not trying to hurt anyone's feelings here! I hope I didn't, b/c that is not my intent!!!!!

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