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I'm glad I didn't hurt your feelings here! I hope I gave you a little something to think about in relation to your take a break. That was my goal.

One question I have is why you have 2 "Time Out" spots? I think I interpret that as sending the message to the children that one spot (the scoot away spot) can be a "warning" and one is the place where you are going b/c you weren't able to get in control. Do you see what I mean? I submit that perhaps by having 2 places, you may be inadvertently sending the message that the "chair" spot is for really naughty kids and the Buddy teacher is for really, really naughty kids.

It is my understanding that the Take a Break spot should be used as soon as you see kids starting to loose self-control. That's when you catch them and send them there to regain it. You may give a verbal warning by using reminding or refirecting languge, but there really is only one place to "go" to get back your self-control.

Having said ALL of that, I also will say that if you follow the principles of the RC Approach, and you know your children as well as you know the curriculum you teach, then you also know what works for your children. As long as you have taught them that this is a strategy for regaining self-control, and it's okay to need a place and a time to do that, and there is no sadness in needing that time, then I think perhpas how you designate spots is up to you as the teacher. So, keep your consequences respectful, relevant and realistic and you'll never go wrong, right?!

Glad the resources were helpful for you. I love the RC Site and I am proud to be working as a Consulting Teacher in my District. It is amazing to have the opportunity to work with educators like yourself who care about the social curriculum as much as the academic!

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