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time out
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The RC position on time out is that it is used so that a child can regain self-control (as all Logical consequences) . There are no steps, it is used as needed, as often as needed for the child. The buddy teacher is used when the teacher feels that a timeout outside the classroom would be more effective. It is ok to sent a child right to the buddy teacher - the teacher's decision is based on what is happening. Just as it is ok to call to the office if a child needs to be removed by a crisis team for disruptive/violent behavior
The delivery of the consequence is very matter-of-fact with the message that it is helpful for the child to get back on track. So the words and tone need to be neutral - which can be hard - but skill worth developing!

I have found that rules and steps are hard to be consistent with - but when I make decisions based on the individual needs of the kids, then it makes more sense. I have 4th graders, and my goal is to have them begin to monitor their behavior. It looks different at each grade.

All of these responses to being given a logical consequence such as TO or going to he buddy teacher need to be interactively modeled - so everyone has a chance to practice.

Every class is different and sometimes many need to have frequent time-outs Not easy. But keeping in mind that the main goal is to have the child regain self-control and not to make them feel bad about themselves.
Time-out can be a lifesaver - for the kids and for ME! and these discussions help us all to think just how it can work in our classrooms.
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