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My mom makes me sick...
Old 12-15-2012, 01:31 PM
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It's super frustrating to have my mother as my mom. First off, we never celebrated Christmas when I was a kid. We are Jewish and she converted. This makes the whole thing even more frustrating.

1- she gave me a Christmas gift list of the things she wanted. Every one of the items was over $100.

2- She never said anything to me about what I wanted... whatever- I really just want $, but she's probably going to go to the dollar store (yes, really) or re-gift something she either got as a gift from sending money to the Trinity Broadcast Network or from one of her clients. She has done all three of those things before. Usually, she gives me like, $25 and tells me not to cash the check until later.

3- She cancels everything. We arranged to do an early Christmas today, because she is working a lot and so forth. Then she cancels.

4- She canceled after about 25 phone calls arranging for today, including ideas from entertaining and doing the whole Christmas thing at her house, to eating at this restaurant I hate. When I didn't want to go to the horrible restaurant she wanted her back hurt and she needed to rest today.

5- She also won't stop asking if I got her the Chanel perfume she requested (no I did not.)

6- My GF is not thrilled with my mom- she finds her manipulative and thinks I need to stand up to her. This just adds more conflict to the situation.

7- in terms of feeling annoyed about the $ thing, my mom was LITERALLY a millionaire and has spent her way through the money, by being reckless and basically neglectful to her children. Now she is all frustrated because she can't have the things she used to so she wants me to buy them for her. Um, no. You should have saved your money and not blown it on your bad boyfriends.

Anyway, dealing with her just makes me feel sick to my stomach.

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